Milly Dougherty our great grandmother was the mother of Louis Dorty our grandfather who married our grandmother Lilly Young. Milly's parents were Richard Dougherty born about 1810, and Betsy Dougherty born about 1820 in Virginia.

Milly 's other siblings were:

(1) Silas Dougherty born about 1843 

(2) Douglas Dougherty born about 1849, 

(3) Richard Dougherty Junior born about 1863, 

(4) Louisa Dougherty who lived three doors away with Louisa Thompson is also believed to be one of the the children of Richard Dougherty. Louisa Thompson was born about 1810 according to 1870 US census lived next door to Jerry Williams on the Levin Luckett Plantation in Alexandria Louisiana. 

Milly Dougherty (Dorty) was Jerry' Williams second wife, some of her children carried her maiden name others carried the Williams name. 
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