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This page was last updated: July 17, 2018
STRADDER WILLIAMS, Strother (Stradder) Williams was born about April l856 and his mother was believed to be Lucy A Harrison born about l840 in Virginia and married to Bossier Harrison also of Virginia. Strother married Lillie Bird on My 28, 1873 and they had 11 children. Lillie died on December 22, 1897. 
The 1900 Us Census shows the following people in the household.
Strother Williams age 44 head of household born 1856 was married to  
Lilly Williams age 42 born 1858, Their children were #s 1-9 in red listed below.

1. Nelson Williams born December 1877, died October 12, 1942. Nelson married Idella Iles on December 22, 1897. Idella the daughter of Elias Iles and Queen Ann Brown who was born July 8,1884 and died June 18, 1969. Their children were:
    A. Nelson Williams Jr was born 1905 married Ada and their children were:
        1. Geraldine
        2. William
        3. Edward
        4. Gilda
        5. Arlene
        6. Carolyn
        7. Amy  
    B. Jessie Mae Williams born September 4, 1918 married William Sewell. The couple had no children and Jessie Mae          November 7, 1984.  
    C. Clarence Williams born 1913 married Gladys Hovel and had three children:
        1. Clarence Jr married Myrtis
        2. James married Octavia
        3. Marvin married Maude
    D. Taft Williams married Ida Mae Castle, their children are listed below:
       1. Taft Jr
       2. Kenneth
       3. Rev Frank
       4. Freddie
       5. Ike
    E.   Frank Williams married (unknown) was the father of 
        1.Ruby Dell Williams who was raised by her grandmother Lillie  Griffin and Aunt Orlean Griffin Booney. 
        2. Barbara Ann
        3.Frank Jr.

    F. Ed Jackson
2Nathaniel Williams was born December 6, 1872 married Mary Pinkett born July 8, 1884 and died July 18, 1969. Their     children were. 
       1.Blossie Williams born December 6. 1902 married James Williams who was born August 5,  897 and died May 2,         1950.  
       2. Lilly Williams Norris born January 26. 1905 died March 30,1970
       3.Ben Williams born 1906 status unknown
       4.Nathalina Williams born 1908 status unknown  
       5.Essie Williams born 1910 status unknown
       6.Polly Williams born 1912 status unknown
       7.Nathaniel Williams Jr. born February 27, 1913, died May 9, 1972.  
       8. Julius Williams born 1916 status unknown 
       9.Virgie Williams born February 12, 1917 status unknown
      10.Henry Williams born Nov 12, 1929 status unknown

3Amanda Williams born December 1877 married Morgan Iles on November 12, 1900. Morgan was the son of Elias Iles     and Queen Ann Brown. Amanda and Morgan’s children were:
       1.Nathaniel Iles born in 1902 married Cora Thomas, their children are.
            a. Johnny Iles
            b. Willie Mae Iles Vorise
            c. Idella Iles married Lumus Brown
            d. Debra Iles married Charles Steward
            e. Alberta Iles married Tess Allen Sr. 
        2. Nelson Iles born 1904 married Annie Jones their one child was \
            a. Julius Ward who married Clara Robinson . 
       3. Lillie Iles born 1905 married Alec Norris and had no children 
       4. Beatrice Iles born 1908 married Thomas Taylor, their children were 
            a. Elizabeth Taylor who married Leroy Williams
            b. Florence Taylor married Richard Williams
       5. Howard Iles born 1908 and died young
       6. Sylvester Iles married Ozzie Lawson their children were
            a. John Louis Iles who married Florine Pierce
            b. Freddie Bernard Iles married Pearline Joann Givens
       7. Paralee Iles married Jack Hunter
       8. William Iles married Leatha Hall  their children were
            a. Florene Nell Iles who married Henry Wells and Robert Warren
            b. Morgan Buck Iles
            c. Amanda(Mandy) Iles
            d. J.W. Iles  married Gladys
            e. William Iles
            f. Jummy Iles
4. Alice Williams born December 1879 no other information
5. Abram (Abner) Williams age n born 1889
6. Florence Williams born December 1891 married Freddie Mackie on August 16, 1920  
7. Jessie Williams born September 1893 married Queen A. Iles February 5. 1914. She was the daughter of Robert Iles and Ella Hamilton. They had one child
       1. Jessie Bob Williams who married Mildred Jones.
8. Strother Williams Jr born October 1895 married Pricilla Williams on September 30, 1917. She was the daughter of Richard and Cheney Williams of Alexandria Louisiana.
9. Louis Williams born February 1898 and died in 1968. Louis married Emma Ambush on March 10, 1871. Emma was born about 1902 and she died in 1975. Emma was the daughter of Howard Ambush and Malinda Robinson. Louis and Emma had four or more children.
     1.McNeil Williams born 1922
     2. Myrtle Williams born 1924 
     3. Martha Williams born 1927
     4. Christell Williams who married Mable Bennette; daughter of Doris “Momma Two:
      who was born September 20, 1913 in Choplin La and died September 16, 2003.
Grand children:
             1. Bernard Joseph Williams
             2. Sonja E Williams 
                    a.Great grandchild:Evan J Bowden