DORTY(Dougherty, Doughtery, Dority, (Williams) FAMILY CLAN
Louis Dougherty our grandfather was born about 1881. He was the son of Jerry Williams and Milly Dougherty and was seemingly reared by his uncle Douglas Dougherty. Milly our great grandmother had seven children, four of the seven carried the Dougherty name, the other three carried the Williams name. Our grandfather Louis kept the Doughtery surname and married Lillie C. Young our grandmother in February 1906, together they had twelve children who were:

I Henry Dorty born August 9, 1906 died July 1974

II Edward Dorty born February 18, 1908 died March 9, 1989 married Queen Ester (surname unknown)

and had nine children.
III Virginia Dorty aka Louise Adams) born February 12, 1912, died November 3, 1983 married Alonzo Adams and had one


IV Louis Dorty Jr.(Snook) born May 16, 1913 died October 1979 married Jerether( surname unknown)

and had two children.

V Albert Dorty born November 20, 1918 died November 1997 married Mary Lee on april 13, 1946. No children were born to

that union, but in later years Albert confided he had one son living in Northern California.

VI Joseph Dorty born born July 4, 1924 died March 28, 1964 (aka Johnny Jones) has one child Lawana Dorty by Katherine


VII Murray Dorty born April 5, 1930 died April 21, 1961 married Willie Mae Dixon and had two children, he later married Hollis

Hall and had two children.

VIII David  Dwight Dorty was born June 19, 1919 and married Rosalie Watson (Mc Clinton) on September 23, 1955. Rosalie

was the daughter of Olivia Reed and Joe Watson. David also married Margie Bowie and one child with her . David had had

eight other children with Ella Hammond. 

IX Willie Dorty born 1909 and died July 27, 1946, martial status and family unknown.

X Aaron Dorty born April 2, 1920 and died January 9, 1997, martial status and children unknown.

XI Roosevelt Dorty (PeeWee) born December 25, 1930 died March 1984 married Doretha Allen and had eight children.

XII Ruthie Mae Dorty (our mother) born august 3, 1929 married Louis Brown on August 1, 1941 who was born about 1917 in

Alexandria Louisiana, and they had four children:
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